Graphic Trappin Berry

Name: Harold Berry Nicknames: Bean, HB, H, HB3 Birth Place: Philadelphia, PA Current City and State: New Castle, DE Occupation: Artist Instagram: @GraphicTrappin I first got started with art when I was very young about age 9 or 10. At that time, I really didn’t take it serious, just something to do from time to time. When I got into high school that’s when I began to learn more about art and getting better at it. After high school I just stopped which I shouldn’t have. It wasn’t until a couple years ago I decided to take my art skills serious this time around. One thing I know for sure is to never let your talents go to waste because years down the line you will have regrets and dwell on it. I’ve also had multiple well known celebrities show love to my work on instagram. Follow me and my art on instagram @graphictrappin .

What areas of art do you enjoy doing the most?

The areas I enjoy the most in art would be painting and graphic designing I’ve been focus more on the painting aspect of art lately. Who or what influences the style you have? I don't know if this might sound weird to people but video games and music play a huge role in my style I have. Where did you grow up? Did it influence how you looked at art?

I spent my child hood in Philly and spent my teenage years in Delaware. It didn’t have much influence on me when it came to art. I feel like if I had the right type of ppl in my corner early on I most likely would be much better than what I am now. What happened that made you feel as if you should get back into art?

Just looking at other talented artist do their thing and knowing I have the talent just thinking to myself “you got to stop playing and take advantage of your gift god blessed you with. Also being that I’m a young father I want to remain a good influence in her life you know be someone she can look up to. Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now in the art industry?

5 years from now I see myself living in Florida or California continuing doing art on the daily basis and hopefully have a class teaching the youth to be themselves and have their own unique style when it comes to any aspect of art.

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